The Naughty Babysitter Trilogy by Aya Fukunishi
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Bestselling erotica author Aya Fukunishi returns with a trilogy of steamy babysitter tales.

This volume contains three hot, dirty Naughty Babysitter stories, including:

May I Share Your Husband, Mrs. Walker?Aya loves to watch. She loves to bury her fingers in herself while watching strangers play, and she'll go to any lengths to get the best seat in the house.

When Aya takes a job as a babysitter in a ploy to secrete hidden cameras in the home of a cute young couple she thinks she's found the perfect scheme. It's only when her prey return home early with a surprise that she realizes she was not the hunter, but the hunted. 

What will Aya do with the tables turned? Will she try to escape, or submit to the desires of Mr. and Mrs. Walker? 
Popping Lucy's CherryWhen Lucy arrives at the West house for a babysitting gig she finds nobody home. Escaping the rain, Lucy tries the door and runs inside. Strange noises come from the master bedroom, and when Lucy investigates she finds the West's servicing a mystery man. 

Who is this man? What are they doing, and what will happen to Lucy when she's discovered?

Toying with MeganWhen Mr. Branson returns home with a drunk, unconscious wife, teen virgin Megan finds herself unable to resist the sleeping beauty. When Mrs. Branson awakes, though, she's eager to dole out punishment.
Each with a retail price of $2.99, this bundle offers a 44% discount on purchasing each story individually.

Excerpt from May I Share Your Husband, Mrs. Walker?:

'Oh, Aya, that remote will never be the same again. Oh well, never mind. You just pull it out so I can take a good look at your cute little Asian pussy.'

I slide the remote out, a little embarrassed at my juices glistening on the plastic. Pam takes it from me, holds it to her mouth and runs her tongue along its length.

'Mmmmm, I knew you'd taste delicious. Tom, why don't you come here and take a look at Aya's pussy. It's awfully pretty. Aya, honey, do you want Tom to play with you a little?'

Fuck it. I'm just gonna go with it.

'Yes please, Mrs. Walker.' Fuck yes. Fuck me, Mr. Walker.

Tom walks quickly over to the couch, eager to get started. It looks as if he isn't allowed to talk again. Oh well. I'm not looking for witty banter.

'You want him to fuck me from the front or back, Mrs. Walker?'

'Oh, let's start from the front, honey. I want to get a good look at you when Tom slides in.'

'Yes, Mrs. Walker.' God, I could get used to this. Pam's little kind teacher schtick is pushing all the right buttons.

'You ready, Tom? Good boy.'

Tom grips my knees and pulls me down the seat cushion. My ass slides into the wet patch I made with my juices, and I realize how fucking wet I am. I haven't been this turned on since I fingered myself at the back of an exam hall the first year of college. Tom pulls my legs apart and lower himself onto the edge of the couch, his balls sitting lightly on the cushion. Fuck, that's a thick cock.

Pam starts touching herself now. She's perched on the edge of the coffee table just a couple of feet away, leaning over the two of us so she can get a good look at Tom pushing his way into my tight little cunt. Behind her the TV is on a loop, muted. Pam is back on the bed, touching herself and directing Tom to join her. Watching her on the big screen was hot, but it's nothing compared to seeing her right in front of me, delicately playing with her pussy while her husband fucks me.

Tom's cock is pressed against my lips now. He's pushing in, but I'm a little too tight for his monster cock. He's going to have to take this first push sl - Fuck! Wow, that wasn't slow. Tom's huge glans stretches me out, and there's a moment of pain before he bursts through my lips.

'Fuck, he's big!' I cry.

Pam laughs softly. 'Oh, you get used to it. You think that's big, just wait 'til he fucks you in the ass in a minute.' She hops from the coffee table to the couch for a better view, and starts stroking my hair as Tom thrusts back and forth. It feels incredible, but I'm a little worried.

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Published March 16, 2012 41 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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