The Pirate's Gift by Trinity Lee
(The Briar Rose Story)

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Pirate captain's daughter Nancy Black is well on her way to reclaiming command of her father's ship, the Briar Rose. There is only one man thwarting her ambition: Heath, whom she loves and hates in equal measure. When Heath risks the Briar Rose and the lives of all her crew by sailing through a storm, Nancy is placed in a life-or-death situation, and also has to decide whether her physical desire for Heath will stop her from achieving her goal.

Advisory: This 10,500-word erotic romance is the second in the Briar Rose series. Contains explicit sexual material and is not suitable for under-18s.


I sat back down on the bunk, folding my arms and meeting Heath's furious gaze with an impenetrable stare. I did not bother relacing my dress, leaving my breasts deliberately uncovered to provoke Heath, or embarrass him, or both.

He pulled me roughly to my feet by my wrist.

"What are you playing at, Nancy? Are you trying to start a mutiny? Is that the plan. You are acting like a spoiled child, and the fact that you are prepared to come between me and my closest friend in this way makes me seriously reconsider..."

"Reconsider what?" I threw back at him. "Your generous proposal to make an honest woman of me while stealing my ship behind my back? If you are reconsidering that, then that is the best news I have received since we set sail."

He ran his fingers through his long blond hair in disbelief, gathering it into a loose tail at the back of his neck and tying it with a strip of cloth.

"You are unbelievable," he said. "Daniel is a good man and he has harbored these feelings for you for a while now, more fool him. And you would toy with these feelings like a cat teasing a mouse unto its death throes simply for your own barbaric amusement."

"Oh, a barbarian, am I now?" I scowled at him, ignoring the tears that were pricking the back of my eyes. "Well, this is all your fault. And how was I to know Daniel felt like that?"

He sat down beside me, playing with the loose black curls that fell over my shoulders and whose tendrils emphasized the pale globes of my breasts, The door was open and anyone walking past could have seen me, but I cared little.

"Why is it my fault?" he asked reasonably.

"Because you would not lie with me, and a woman has her needs and because the crew are my crew and they have to obey me and because Daniel is a handsome and kind man..."

The words came tumbling out and it mattered to me not a jot that it was Heath I was confessing to. I had known from the moment I tried to lure Daniel down here that it was a bad idea.

Heath took my hand in his own, and I hated him for making me feel like this. He made me feel like a heartless and uncaring person, while I was feeling guilty enough on my own account about hurting Daniel.

"And me? Did you consider my feelings in all of this?"

I snorted.

"Feelings? You have no feelings, Heath. Or you would not be trying to steal my ship away from me."

He raked his fingers through his hair again in disbelief.

"Of course I have feelings for you, Nancy. Wait there. I have something for you."

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Published December 20, 2012 41 pages
Genres: History, Romance, Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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