The Rise of the Antichrist by Lowell B Hudson
The March Toward World Religious & Political Power

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The Bible is clear. 

Life on earth will be better than we can possibly hope or imagine, but not before it gets far worse than ever before. 

Nearly every living thing on earth will die. People, plants and animals will die in unimaginable numbers. Blow after blow will rain down on the planet killing almost everything. Then, just as it teeters on the edge of complete lifelessness, the earth will be reborn. Wastelands and deserts will thrive, the ruined places will be rebuilt and earth will know its golden age. 

Why will things become so horrible? What will make God so angry that he destroys almost all life? The rapid near extinction will be God's judgement on a world at war with him and his followers. It is his response to those who will be rejecting him, worshiping another, and killing his own. The world will be worshiping a man who believes he is god. While he has many names in the Bible, we will call him the Antichrist. 

Although initially blocked by those already holding power, the Antichrist's incredible display of supernatural ability will dissolve their opposition allowing him to eventually become the most powerful ruler on earth. He will be heralded as the long awaited savior, come to usher in a new era of self-discovery, enlightenment and peace. 

The changes he brings, however, must be accepted by everyone. Those who reject his message will be regarded as the 'unbelievers.' Their continued resistance will be a barrier to the fulfillment he promises. 

The Antichrist will institute specific measures on a global scale to identify, marginalize and eliminate this group. The Antichrist and his followers will wipe out nearly everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ. However, God will ultimately demonstrate the absurdity of the Antichrist's divine claims as he brings crushing devastation that this false god will be powerless to prevent. The anticipation and hopes of God's followers will then be realized. The long promised age of harmony, peace and righteousness will truly begin when Jesus Christ finally begins his reign on the earth. 

Nothing can prevent the awful things the Antichrist will do and what will happen as 
a result. Since he will seem to be god in human form there may be some who will pledge themselves to the Antichrist and his wonderful sounding message without realizing that he actually is the enemy of God. We seek to warn them before they make a decision they cannot undo, one that forever keeps them from Christ. 

To this end, a proposed scenario of events is offered to the reader. This scenario is composed of seven paragraphs. Each paragraph can be found immediately before the chapters that support them. Taken together, they present the key events and conditions involving the Antichrist's rise to power. 

Since we do not know whether these terrible events will occur very soon or in the far distant future, there might be people alive today who will find themselves living through these times. The Bible's message will be their only reliable guide as they experience the rise of the Antichrist. 

About Lowell B Hudson

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Lowell Hudson is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University (B.A. - 1982) and Grace Theological Seminary (M.Div. - 1991, Th.M. - 1992). He and his wife, Bev, have been married 32 years, have one son, and live in the Midwest.
Published May 2, 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 378 pages
Genres: History, Religion & Spirituality.