The Sea's Blessing by Leandra J. Piper
(Water and Air: An Erotic Fairy Tale)

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Once upon a time, a mermaid princess was given a gift: to three times be able to turn her tail into legs. With this gift came a duty. In order to save her undersea kingdom, she was fated to fall in love with a human man and bear his children. One day, she rescues a man from a shipwreck, and her tail parts into legs. But not even love at first sight will make her fate an easy one.

This erotic fairy tale features explicit sex between a virgin mermaid and a human man. For adults only.

Miranda broke the surface one day shortly after dawn, all the sea stained pink. She knew something was wrong, for the waves were scattered with the wreckage of a ship. She followed the currents, seeing where the wreckage led her. Along the way she claimed small baubles, necklaces and bracelets, hanging them about her neck and wrists.

She came eventually to the end of the sea, a white shoreline scattered with driftwood. Amidst it all lay a man, a human man, unconscious on the sand. Miranda drew herself up to look upon him, and saw that he was beautiful: tanned dark from hours in the sun, with long black hair to match.

The mermaid drew her fingers over his cheeks, touching his smoothly sculpted face. Enchanted by the man, she pressed her ear to his chest, and felt a great relief to sense that he was breathing still. In a daring moment, she leaned her head down, and pressed a salty kiss to his lips, breathing her air into him.

It was then that she felt the Prophet’s charm take hold of her body. She gasped, back arched, as her long, sleek tail slowly divided into two strong legs; fins took the place of feet. She did not even think of the reason for it, so entranced was she by his face. And once her body had changed, the man gasped, taking deep, shuddering breaths that forced his eyes open wide.

The mermaid princess slowly drew her fingers over the man’s chest as he stared in wonder at her face. The sight of him entranced her as well but she could not help but feel strange things with her new legs. Sand on her toes, and an odd wet feeling at the join of her legs, unlike the water of the sea.

She felt the touch of the man’s fingers upon her breasts, touching and stroking them, cupping them in his hands. She gasped, never having felt such touch on them, in the open air. Her coral nipples stiffened at the attention, and her body strained toward his touch. The man lifted his head, giving her a slow kiss, tongue washing over her lips.

Miranda slowly stroked her fingers through the man’s hair, smoothing it, drawing the tangles and seaweed out. All over his face, she peppered tiny kisses, lips pressing everywhere to his skin. He too kissed her where his lips could touch, with all the need of a man who had come just inches from death.

The man lowered his head just so, pressing his face between her breasts, rubbing her smooth skin against his stubbled cheeks. The mermaid pressed them closer to his cheeks, pushing them close to feel him better. Her long fingers drifted over his sides, brushing his skin gently. His hand reached up, drawing a knuckle slowly up her spine, making her gasp into his hair. She leaned her head down, kissing through his hair, breathing warm salty air into it.

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Published February 5, 2012 21 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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