The Search for Exoplanets by
What Astronomers Know (Great Courses) (Teaching Co.) DVD Course No. 1802

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24 lectures| 30 minutes each 1 Why Study Exoplanets? 2 How to Find an Exoplanet 3 Doppler and Transit Planet-Finding Methods 4 Pioneers of Planet Searching 5 The Misplaced Giant Planets 6 Explaining the Misplaced Giant Planets 7 The Transits of Exoplanets 8 Sniffing Planetary Atmospheres 9 Stellar Rotation and Planetary Revolution 10 Super-Earths or Mini-Neptunes? 11 Transiting Planets and the Kepler Mission 12 Compact Multiplanet Systems 1Planets Circling Two Stars 14 Lava Worlds 15 Earthlike Planets 16 Living with a Dwarf Star 17 Living with a Giant Star 18 Our Nearest Exoplanetary Neighbors 19 Finding Planets with Gravitational Lensing 20 Finding Planets with Direct Imaging 21 Near-Term Future Planet-Finding Projects 22 Long-Term Future Planet-Finding Projects 23 The Search for Life on Exoplanets 24 Coming Soon: Biosignatures, Moons, and More!

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