The Secret Circle Jerk by Jacki Toff
(Gay Warlock Erotica) ( Genesis Trilogy)

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Caleb has always known he's different from other guys. But soon after his 18th birthday, dark, dangerous Jackson tells him that he's a warlock in a long line of warlocks. Now Caleb, Jackson and three others have to become bound in a ritual of abandon before their magic runs wild.

THE SECRET CIRCLE JERK is a dark tale of magical lust featuring explicit descriptions of hand jobs, oral sex, and mind-blowing magic.

3194 Words.


“You’re a warlock, Caleb.” Jackson’s dark brown eyes probed mine and dared me to laugh at what I knew, in my heart, to be true. He smiled and placed a hand on my shoulder. “When we turn 18, the power within unlocks itself. Our families have always had the gift.”

I was stunned. I’d always felt different. I was sometimes able to move things slightly when I concentrated really hard and could occasionally nudge people who were waffling toward a certain decision that I wanted them to make.

“I don’t… What does this mean?” I asked, swallowing nervously.

Jackson squeezed my shoulder and smiled again. “It means our Circle is complete, Caleb. You, me, Rupert, Walker, and Parker, we’re five warlocks whose families have been bound together for generations. I was the first to turn and my dad told me everything.”

He closed his eyes and I felt a surge of energy flow from his hand into my shoulder and down my body. I gasped and tensed my muscles as the feeling coursed down my torso, through my crotch, and into my legs before grounding out against the wood floor.
Jackson laughed as he opened his eyes. A soft glow faded from his pupils and I joined him in laughter.

“What a rush!” I whispered.

He nodded and slid his hand up to cup my neck. “We need to bind ourselves to one another,” he said.

“How do we do that?” I asked. “And why do we have to?”

“We’ll be stronger together. That little trick is nothing compared to what we can do as a Circle,” he replied, holding my gaze. I could feel my cock stir inside my jeans. Jackson was dark-haired and had a reputation as one of the bad boys in school. I’d always wanted him from afar but thought he’d never give a preppy guy like me the time of day. And here he was sharing his magic with me.

“What do we have to do?” I asked, nervous suddenly.

Jackson leaned in and planted a light kiss on my lips. I felt another jolt of energy pass between us and my dick pulsed against its restraints. Jackson pulled away and said, “Nothing that you won’t really enjoy, Cay.”

I dove in for another passionate kiss and he parted his moist, full lips to receive my probing tongue. His grip on my neck tightened and he pressed my face against his as he slid his other hand under my shirt to brush his fingertips across my taut stomach. I felt him releasing tiny sparks of energy and leaving them behind as he caressed me. I moaned into the kiss and reached around to grab his ass cheeks with both hands. Our cocks met between us with only our jeans and underwear separating their touch. I could feel the sweet, tingling heat of Jackson’s energy coursing into me everywhere we touched.

The small spark deep within me blossomed and reached out to his power. I could feel our energies touch and it was as if a burning fire consumed us but the flames caused pleasure instead of burning our skin. We both tensed and gasped as our magic entwined.
I could feel what he was feeling and knew he could feel me at the same time. Our cocks pulsed with lust and power and we melded our energy and focused it on our touching shafts.

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Published October 10, 2012 by Jacki Toff. 11 pages
Genres: Erotica, Gay & Lesbian, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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