The Sex Lottery by Jamie Jade
(Hunger Sex Games #1, BDSM Erotica)

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Every year, two volunteers are selected from each of the twelve sectors to participate in “The Hunger Sex Games”, where each contestant must make the others orgasm in order to eliminate them. Fame and fortune awaits the winner while the losers are sold into sex slavery.

Kathy Evergreen has been training for this moment. But when her twin sister's name is selected in the lottery that decides who will participate, Kathy has no choice but to try and change the mind of the Decision Maker. Will she be able to convince him to let her take her sister's place in the games?

Warning: This 3500 word short story features domination, chains, whips, paddles, oral sex, a shaved pussy and a sassy woman who will do what it takes to change an old man's mind. May be too rough and hot!


He removes his paddle from the wall. “I said you’ll have a chance, I didn’t say you’ll win. Even with this body… do you know what the volunteers in the lower sectors do to prepare for this moment? They’ve spent every day since their eighteenth birthday practicing. They’ve been in gang bangs, the girls do bukkake. There’s nothing you’ve done that they haven’t.”

I stare into his black eyes. “I’m going to win.”

“We’ll see.” He raises the paddle above his head.

SMACK. He brings it down on my ass.



Again and again he brings the paddle down.

“Does my whore of a volunteer like that?”

“Yes.” I moan for him — need to put on a good show in order to get into The Games.

SMACK. I feel the heat rise on my ass, it’s probably turning pink right now.

He cups it. “Very firm, very taut. You’re a runner, aren’t you?”

“I stay fit.”

SMACK. “That bodes well for The Games — should you survive my chamber.”

“Why don’t you hit me harder?”

“This cockiness may serve you well during the interviews, Kathy Evergreen, but here… here is not the place.” He winds up with the paddle, then swings it as hard as he can.

SMAAAAAACK. The sound echoes through the trailer. Pan probably heard it outside.

I moan in pleasure.

“Interesting… she likes the abuse. That may not be a good thing… like it too much, and you’ll orgasm and be sold as a sex slave.” He strokes his goatee, then brings the paddle up to his mouth and licks it. “Perhaps you’ll be my sex slave. I could use a dirty whore like you to service my cock on occasion.”

“Why don’t you try me out right now?”

He hits me with the paddle again. “You’re not going to get the upper-hand, Ms. Evergreen. No matter how hard you try.”

I lift my foot up, grazing the crotch of his pants with it.

He pulls away. “That was a very naughty thing to do.”

“Maybe I like being naughty.”

He offers a curt nod, then returns the paddle to its place on the wall. He pulls off the leather whip, snakes it along the ground to get his wrist in the right movement. “Are you sure you’re fully prepared for this?”

“Of course.”

“Then spread your legs.”


He moves the thick piece of leather back and forth. “I’m going to whip that pussy of yours.”

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Published August 6, 2012 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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