The She-Wolf's Secret by Annabeth Lake
Seduced by the She-Wolf #2 (Lesbian Werewolf Erotica)

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Companion to "Seduced by the She-Wolf." When werewolf Thalia insists on keeping part of her body covered in the bedroom, Cecilia knows she's hiding something hot. The full moon isn't all that's coming when Thalia finally reveals her sexy surprise!

Lesbian erotica with a romantic touch. Mature readers only.


dressed for their date with care. Her outfit was a mix of Thalia's favorite
items and new things the she-wolf was sure to love. Dark colors were her
favorites, and Cecilia knew from weeks' worth of sexual experience with her
that she preferred clothes that were sneakily revealing -- a short dress with a
high slit, panties with a see-through crotch. She stepped into the matching
lingerie set she always wore in her fantasies of lycanthropic sex. The bra was
pleasantly tight and lifted her breasts high so that they formed firm mounds
above the low neckline of her dress. Her lace thong moved up into the cleft of
her ass like a delicate tongue.


had sent a cab for her. The formality might have made her a little
uncomfortable in the past, but she was starting to get used to this luxury.
Part of her suspected that it was Thalia's way of making up for the problems
their relationship would face if they ever made it public. And besides, tonight
would be a special night, and there was no reason not to mark the occasion by
enjoying a small extravagance.  


kept her thighs pressed together on the ride over. Occasionally she squirmed,
her sex warming at the pleasant pressure of her legs. Her purse sat on her lap,
her phone tucked into the bottom of it, ringing every so often. Cecilia made no
move to answer it. She knew it was Thalia calling, not to speak to her, but
because the she-wolf knew her phone would be right above her crotch...on vibrate.


was always a little horny on the ride to Thalia's place, but tonight was worse
than usual. She couldn't stop thinking about Thalia's pussy. She had to see it tonight. She'd spent far
more time than she would ever admit wondering what it was exactly that made her
girlfriend so nervous about her own body. It wasn't as if she could just ask
any of her friends; at Thalia's request, Cecilia was keeping quiet about their
relationship for now. And no matter how curious she was, she couldn't yet bring
herself to type "werewolf genitalia" into a search engine. Besides, she wanted
to find out from Thalia. She wanted her first knowledge of her girlfriend's
body to be in the bedroom -- or wherever else Thalia might decide to show her.


that didn't keep her from pondering the possibilities. Thalia couldn't be
secretly male; Cecilia had felt her sex through her clothes enough to determine
that. Was a false penis possible? She knew female hyenas had them, but a connection
between a hyena and a werewolf seemed tenuous at best. Given Thalia's
"condition," Cecilia thought it was plausible that the she-wolf had a fur
problem; her fingertips knew well enough that Thalia, though extremely
well-groomed, wasn't hirsute like she herself was. But she liked the feel of
those crisp curls beneath her hand, and if there was something a little inhuman
about them, she didn't care.


it was, she was going to see it tonight. She was going to touch it. And then
she was going to clamp her mouth onto it and assuage all of Thalia's worries
with her tongue. 

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Published April 28, 2012 14 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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