The Spiritual Book of Life by Terry Wright-Tregear

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"About “the Book of Life”

This book is not a fast, quick novel of spooks and Ghosts which to so many is just weird, but a book to pick up and contemplate on what we call “Spirit” and to help you on the Path of Awareness; where you have been, where you are going now and where and who you will be in the future on this world and the next.
I wrote this work originally because when I became President of a Spiritualist Church in 1987 I found that many people come to me for so many reasons. Perhaps they had gone through a traumatic time with a loved one and couldn’t understand why God allowed this to happen or perhaps they had lost someone through accident, suicide or childbirth. We all have so many reasons to doubt and wonder what possesses the God that we have been brought up to revere and who supposedly loves us so much could be so cruel in so many ways. I also found that there were many people “out there” who had always felt there was something missing in their lives but couldn’t explain the feeling they had unless in a conversation about “Why are we on this earth?” or “Why should these things happen to me?” “Is there really life after death as we have been told?” and not even remotely come up with an answer other than we must have faith.
The other reason I started to write this book was because I found so many young would-be mediums were sitting in circle learning to get someone “through” from Spirit with little or no instruction about the earthly or spiritual aspect other than a prayer to open and close the circle: certainly not any instruction on the physical, mental, scientific, philosophical or theosophical side, although, believe it or not, we all use these subjects all the time in our every day lives without even realising it and in the end, they are what makes us all what we are. Over the years I have found that so many people from so many different backgrounds were also eager to know more about so much unexplained phenomena that had occured in their lives, moreover, about life after death, but they were at a loss to know whom to ask and didn’t want to go to a Spiritualist church. Many of them who did not want to become mediums or even get too involved in this particular subject. This being so, I realised I had to adjust what I had already written so that it included those who had no one to question or debate with.
Like others I have searched for many years, asking questions, reading anything I could get hold of for and against the subject of Spirits, Ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Listening to Spirit and even being extremely fortunate in that I am spiritually psychic I am still not professing to know all the answers. In fact, although I have learnt a lot through my own amazing experiences which I have written about and from Spirit’s automatic teachings and writings I realise how very little I do know on the grand scale of things. Over the past thirty years Spirit also kept telling me I had to write a book to explain to people how we had to stop for a moment and find out about our inner selves so that we could understand why we are here and then, and how only then, will we be able to live as we all want, contentedly on this earth and as part of it. They have tried so many times to tell us just how important it is for us to learn and in learning understand, but the average person still does not realise just how important it is to us.
We think so little about the real person that is inside each one of us and I have tried to make the reader aware of themselves. I have tried not to sound religious because this is not a religion but a very important assessment of finding out who and what each of us is. It can, to each of us, individually and sensibly, alter our way of life just by thinking over what I have written. After all, what do we really know about life after death, or even everyday spiritual matters let alone serious Spiritualism?

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Published January 11, 2010 by Xlibris. 112 pages
Genres: Religion & Spirituality. Non-fiction

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