The Yahweh Confidence Scheme by Jim Richards

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The first five books of the Bible (the Jewish “Torah”) make clear that Yahweh is not all-powerful, he’s not all-knowing, he’s often grossly unfair, and he’s allegedly a bigger mass murderer than Adolph Hitler (for example, the Bible says he once killed everyone on the planet except for Noah and his family). It’s also said that Yahweh committed a mass murder against the firstborn Egyptian males, which makes him a mass murderer of children (Exodus 12:29).

Why would anyone worship a mass murderer?

This book uses the Torah itself to prove conclusively that Yahweh is a concoction. The religion that grew up around Yahweh (today’s Judaism) was nothing more than a transparent confidence scheme designed to control and dominate the ancient Israelites and get “sacrifices” from them. Those “sacrifices” consisted mainly of meat, grain, wine, and other things of value. As the Torah shows, most of the sacrifices were not burned; instead, most of it went into the mouths, or the coffers, of the Israelite high priests.

Of course, if Yahweh was a concoction, Jesus wasn’t his son, since how can anyone be the son of a concoction? And Christianity, like Judaism, is also a confidence scheme, designed in large part to control and dominate people and get things of value from them so the Pope and his courtiers could live like royalty.

The creators of Yahweh and many members of the Jewish and Christian clergies did have an excellent understanding of human psychology which enabled them to successfully operate the Yahweh scam for more than 3000 years. But there was more than material wealth at stake.

Specifically, if people believe there is a single god, and that the Jewish and Christian clergy get their authority from this god, that makes the clergy agents or vicars of a god—which is a powerful position to be in. And since the god in question is nowhere to be found, these clergy can tell you what this god wants, and how you can get what YOU want (and they needn’t fear that Yahweh will show up to refute them, since he doesn’t exist).

In essence, these clergy take the place of God, becoming mini-gods—and some people like being perceived as having that kind of authority. In fact, some people will kill to get, and keep, that kind of authority, as Popes and the Catholic clergy did for centuries.

Many members of today’s Jewish and Christian clergies do good things in this world. There’s no need for them to continue to justify their existence by resorting to the numerous superstitions, myths, lies and warped morality of the Torah.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Judaism and Christianity are largely confidence schemes, many adherents will continue to believe there’s a man up above who knows when they’ve been sleeping, who knows when they’re awake, and who knows when they’ve been bad or good.

These people need to grow up. The story of Yahweh is believed mainly because the story is inculcated into trusting young children before the children have a chance to develop the critical thinking skills they need to understand what’s really going on; and because of the camouflage in which the Torah and the confidence schemes are clothed.

This book, in a largely lighthearted manner, removes the camouflage.

The author is not an atheist, but he’s convinced by the Torah itself that Yahweh is not the so-called supernatural force which influences this world.

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Published October 17, 2012 by Jim Richards. 361 pages
Genres: Religion & Spirituality.

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