Tied Down and Milked 3 Pack! by Eva Creed
(Reluctant Lactation Erotica Bundle)

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Three stories about women getting forcefully tied down and milked till the cows come home! Contains Abducted and Forced to Give Milk, Milked and Dominated by the Billionaire, and Milked by a Doctor. 21404 words with bondage, dubious consent, and plenty of messy, milky lactation sex. Adults only! All characters over 18.


"Sorry, Nancy, but you're just too beautiful. Men like me can't control ourselves when we're faced with such beauty."

He reached down and stroked my tits, causing me to tremble and gasp.

"Especially... when that beauty comes with something like this."

Now that he called attention to it, I realized just how soaking wet my breasts were. It was like someone had poured an entire glass of milk over my breasts, letting it trickle down my sides and stain the mattress. I knew I produced a lot of milk, but this was definitely much... MUCH more than usual. Was it because I was so aroused right now?

"You're milking so much. It's crazy. I can't believe you were hiding something this lewd."

Blushing furiously, I turned my head away, closing my eyes as if to escape the situation. At least when I thought it was someone else milking me, I could believe it wasn't anyone connected to my regular life. I know I had wanted it to be Aaron doing all of this to me. But now that I've confirmed that it's really him, I'm paradoxically wishing that it was anyone but him. Because now he knows how abnormally my breasts are, how they lactated so ridiculously much.

"P-Please don't look..!"

"Oh don't worry, I'm going to do more than just look. Much more..."

Suddenly, I felt something warm engulfing one of my tits. My eyes opened wide when I realized that he had taken my milk-soiled nipple in-between his lips, and was suckling furiously!

"A-Aaron! D-Don't... ahhn!!!"

What an incredibly lewd cry I was letting out! I couldn't help but react uncontrollably as a pleasurable sensation welled up through my body. He shifted his weight, clambering up onto the bed and laying his weight down firmly on top of my stretched out body. All while not letting go of my nipple between his lips.

With the new pressure pinning me down, I had no way of resisting. All my attempts to twist and squirm were hindered by his body on top of mine. He was free to run his fingers from the undersides of my stretched arms, dipping into my taut armpits, then down my helplessly pinned sides. It tickled and teased so unbearably sensitively, yet felt so good that I didn't want him to stop. I could scarcely breathe, thanks to both the sensations from his hands and his weight on my torso. Not once, did he cease to suckle my tits, drinking my milk down and causing my face to contort peculiarly between smiling pleasantly and moaning uncontrollably.

Releasing my tit momentarily, he looked up into my eyes.

"Well Nancy? Want me to continue this?"

"Y-Yes..! ...I mean..! Um... if you want to..."

I started to blush again, still unable to be honest about how I felt. He laughed at my feeble attempts to feign indifference.

"You're so cute.. I love the way you try to deny what you're feeling, even though your face tells me everything."

He raised himself up off of me, allowing me to catch my breath. His hand snaked down my belly, reaching behind him while drawing a wet milk line down my crotch, until he snuck it in between my panties. I gasped when he brushed against my clit with his fingers, the sensation amplified by my already well-aroused state.

"Don't worry. I was going to keep going, no matter what you said. I love you Nancy, so I'm going to make you love me too."

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Published February 19, 2013
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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