Tough Biker Gets Turned by Leandra J. Piper
(M/M Gay Werewolf Erotica)

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Brad thinks it's the perfect night to go out for a motorcycle ride. But something goes terribly wrong, and he gets into a crash that should be deadly. The only thing that saves him is the intervention of a myserious werewolf -- by turning him! The werewolf expects something in return for this good deed. Will Brad be able to satisfy his werewolf savior's lust?

Features hard, rough sex as Brad is forcibly seduced by an anonymous werewolf. May be too hot for some readers!

Brief Excerpt

I couldn't see a thing, until he made his way into the clearing.

He was just about the biggest man I'd ever seen in my life, and I've seen some big ones. Muscled all over, and I'd never seen someone hairier, either. His black hair was down to his shoulders, and the rest of his body was all-over hair, almost as thick as fur. I got a real good look, because he didn't have a stitch of clothing on him. Which meant there was no way I could avoid getting a full-on look at his cock, too. It was just as big as the rest of him, hanging out there where you couldn't take your eyes away from it.

"Shit," he said, voice rumbling out of the pit of his stomach. "You're not supposed to be up yet." And then he blurred and I must have blinked because the next second he was gone, and instead I saw a wolf bound off into the forest.

I still didn't know what to do about it, though. It was full night, and the only light anywhere was from the full moon and the fire. I had no idea where I was, or how to get back to the road. Even if I did, it's not like I knew where my bike was, or if it was even drivable. I'd have to hitch a ride back, and the chances of that wouldn't be likely at all until daytime.

So I stayed put. There was at least someone around nearby, then. I wasn't sure how long I waited, but I know I didn't hear the guy come back. Instead, I felt his hands settle heavily onto my shoulders. "You're a lucky guy," I heard him whisper in my ear. I started, turning toward him.

"When'd you get back?" I asked, squinting to get a better look at him. His head was close enough for me to see just how sharp his teeth were, like fangs. His breath was heavy, rushing against my neck. I could smell it, far better than I would have thought. For some reason, I didn't even mind it. It was a powerful scent, almost intoxicating.

The other guy licked his lips, his tongue crazily long. "It doesn't matter," he said in that same low, rumbly voice. In spite of myself, I could tell I was starting to get hard. I couldn't even tell you why, I've never been one for guys before. He kept talking, though. "I saved your life, mouse. You owe me."

He pulled my jacket off, ripping the leather effortlessly. I made a kind of strangled sound in the back of my throat. I'd have believed it was just the way it had already been torn, but I could feel the remains of the jacket strain before it gave. The dots began to connect inside my head. His strength, the hair, the full moon, the blurring I'd seen. "You're a werewolf," the words left my mouth before I could even stop them.

The werewolf's hands went to my jeans, tearing them open, letting my half-hard cock rise up in the cold forest breeze. "Yeah," he whispered, then tore my shirt off too. I was too stunned to ever even try to do anything to stop him. Wasn't sure if I wanted to, either. "Now you are, too."

Okay, if I was already stunned, now I was double-stunned. The werewolf pushed me over effortlessly onto all fours while I was still slack-jawed from the notion. My knees were on the sleeping bag, but my palms were grinding into the dirt. He pushed my knees apart with a nudge of his leg, as he pressed close behind me. He was looming over me, so close I could feel his body heat almost burning over my back. I was so hard by now, it was embarrassing. This guy had up and turned me into a werewolf, if he wasn't lying, and now he was going to have his way with me!

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Published March 30, 2012 13 pages
Genres: Erotica, Gay & Lesbian, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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