Tramp Stamp Club Collection by Laura Cooper

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Includes the books Tramp Stamp Club: My Slut Wife Training and Tramp Stamp Club: How It All Began, PLUS A BONUS Chapter Excerpt from Tramp Stamp Club Profiles: Karen.


Warning: 18+ ONLY This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, oral, bisexual, threesomes, gang bang, femdom, dominatrix, slut wife training



Ellen couldn’t help but laugh. This was one unique man, she thought. She watched with even greater curiosity as he

unbuttoned each of the tiny blue attachments on his Brooks Brother’s shirt. Curly blond hairs pierced through his broad

chest. Without removing his shirt, simply leaving it open, he unleashed his belt and reached for his zipper.
“Here let me help you with that!” Ellen rushed to assist.

Kneeling in front of him, she faced the zipper head on. With her fingers she slowly pulled the metal clasp down. In

search of her face, his **** sprang from the enclosure like a beast having its cage door finally opened. Ellen met its

gaze without fear. It was a bit longer than any she had before, but its girth was easily sustainable. Reaching her tongue

from her mouth to test its flavor, she tickled the tip. The beast sprung to life with even more fury at her touch. The

taste was acceptable to Ellen, her mouth opened to allow it entrance, her tongue reaching out to offer it welcome. She

drew it into her mouth eagerly, wetting its length with her saliva as it aimed for her throat.

Not so fast, she thought as she withdrew from its grip on her mouth. With hunger rising between her legs, she prepared

this *****, running her wet tongue around its head down to the curly blond hairs at its base. Ellen felt the strong veins

along the side of his **** with her tongue as though they were Braille writings, explaining the map of her future. The

**** fought with desperation to find its way back into her plush mouth, but Ellen denied it entrance until its head began

to weep with salty tears. When it began producing its own moisture to her satisfaction, she allowed it back into its

desired location. It plunged into her mouth with a vengeance, and Jonathon’s hands on the top of her head guided Ellen

back and forth on it, massaging its length. Her mouth full, Ellen used her hands to slide Jonathon’s black slacks down his

legs, feeling the muscular thighs beneath her fingers, the waves of blond hairs heavily coating them. Her fingers barely

touched his thighs and Ellen smiled noticing the shiver that physically ran up the nerves in his thighs. When his legs

were free of cloth, she turned the bulk of her attention back to the monster in her mouth. Running her tongue in swirls

around it she felt the first notion of its purpose, the beginnings of the slippery mixture spilt into her throat enticing

her to draw more. Incensed by the taste, Ellen increased her pressure. The muscles in her face pulling Jonathon’s **** in

and out of her mouth with growing suction. Her hands cupped his tight ***** at its base and rolled them between her

fingers. Jonathon’s hands were still on her head urging her to complete the transaction. As Ellen’s suction increased,

his snake spat the first stream of its venom onto her tonsils. Ellen maneuvered her tongue to greet the next splash, and

the final slow meandering remnants of Jonathon’s ***.

Jonathon had not uttered a single word; simply being able to breathe was the most he could manage during Ellen’s absorption

of his soul. That is how he felt. He felt that she had taken his **** and pulled his very core from him. At twenty years

old, he was now obsessed with Ellen Deveraux. For the rest of his life he would be at her every beck, her every call, and

her every whim.

The couple was startled by the dim sunlight that filtered suddenly into the tiny cottage.

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Working class suburban soccer mom seeking a new outlet with erotic writing.As my empty nest approaches, my sex life has heated up. The idea of more quality time with my husband has really stirred my internal emotions, desires, and fantasies.Feel free to contact me as I love the interaction.
Published April 6, 2011 by Sea Island Press. 163 pages
Genres: Erotica, Gay & Lesbian, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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