Tuning by Laurien Aster
(, a Trilogy of Light and Sound Book 1)

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Frequency is our subject. Resonance is the detail. This is a time of great import for humanity. We are ready to reform ourselves as a human collective, but first we must be tuned through resonance in order to access a state of final completion, and this is how: We will tune and tone ourselves in preparation for sharing the keys of access—access to an infinite library of sorts—one we might consider our record and the record of human development. How to gain access to this record, or the akashic record, is by tuning ourselves for receipt of divine information. Our willingness to share comes at a time of great stress and confusion globally. Now is a time of revelation in understanding our human makeup and how to shift to another phase—a lighter and brighter manner of being—a state that does not include suffering as our masthead. The information shared throughout our Tuning Trilogy comes from within our collective conscience as we are being collectively pressed for an immediate answer to climate change and many a problem socially. We are, through the tuning process, being prepared for access to information that is key to our survival as a human species. As we seek for many a solution to our collective challenge, Laurien Aster will present the offer of ascendance but first, the gift of access must be received, and how to receive access comes with toning and tuning our forms and minds in preparation. Truth and knowledge are how, and Tuning is our first invitation, a process of delivery that brings us to a place of understanding: The knowledge Laurien Aster will deliver ongoing is accessed through our inherent capacity to know instantly through our DNA. Even though our global citizenship has not yet been informed, humanity will be thrown into a circumstance of flood and a crash of our financial system soon. As our author, Laurien Aster will show, our governing force does know of our immutable twist of fate. Our question remains then, why are we not being told? Our book will answer. That is that. Through clue and ongoing innuendo, our readership will be tasked to do some private and personal research in order to find the proof for the only one that matters: self. We are being setup then to see for ourselves quite well that humanity is limited and controlled through a process of being constantly monitored through the NSA and many a governmental spy. This is just a small part of our research process however. Ms. Aster is tasking us to make a choice, one of being quite brave throughout our walk with justice and truth as she asks our reader, do we want to know what is real here about our outcome or not? As Ms. Aster comes forth to shed light on the matter at hand, how we are trained to learn will present as part of the problem, as our social system and the mores in place come to be called out as one culprit. More or less, our author is politically and socially active in sensing and feeling through our collective conscience what we need to know collectively in order to pass through this state of suffering; as such, she does not mince the word about what is real and what is not. Our imaginations must simply run their course then, as our reader is tasked with seeking truth from within as a state of instant-knowing through independent research—all guided by our Tuning trilogy—a process of being tuned and honed to determine what is real for self and no one else really. That is how we fly home. Where is home? Read on.

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Published July 6, 2015 by ENPUBinc. 373 pages
Genres: Self Help. Non-fiction