Uncles and Daddies by Audrey Grace
(3-Pack Bundle) (Taboo Erotica)

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This collection of 3 sizzling stories of taboo sex and seduction include Seducing Daddy (m/f), Caught by Daddy (m/f) and Seducing Uncle Kevin (m/f).

This hot erotica collection contains themes of pseudo-incest, graphic taboo daddy and daughter sex and explicit uncle sex, oral sex, and in one case the blossoming of true love. No actual incest is depicted in this bundle.

Seducing Daddy

When Yasmin's stepfather Marco invites her out to one of his business dinners, she is thrilled. Finally, a chance for her to put her plan in motion! To begin the seduction of her Daddy...

This sizzling 4500 word story contains the explicit seduction of Yasmin's Daddy, oral sex, hot and heady fornication, and the revelation of Yasmin's ultimate grip of power over her newly acquired object of obsession.


It was the kiss that broke him. To Yasmin, it seemed as if Marco was about to stand up and leave, to put a halt to this disturbing, disgusting, wrong business. She saw that she was losing ground, the brief surge in his resolve alarming. She had to quell it, to stifle it, to strangle it. She leapt onto his lap and mashed her lips against his, sliding her tongue far into his mouth. It wriggled and writhed inside his cavity, finding his muscle, caressing it. She had forced her body against his, pressing it tightly so that he would feel her heat, so that he would feel the swell of her breasts against him, feel her taut and rounded buttocks grind into the tops of his thighs.

Caught by Daddy

Luna's got her night all planned. The house is empty, and she knows where her step-father keeps his porn collection. She just can't wait. But things take a turn for the erotic when she's caught with her pants off, and her step-father insists she calls him Daddy...

This sizzling 4300 word story contains hot sex between Luna and her well-endowed step-father.


She played with her slit, moving a finger slowly up and down, almost jolting at the hypersensitivity left in the wake of her orgasm. She knew that she'd be good to go again in a few moments, and for the time being was content to tease herself and watch Debbie, on-screen, ravaged by two men. By two men with frighteningly thick tools.

Luna did not hear the front door open and close. She did not hear the footsteps that lead from the hallway to the living room. And she did not notice her step-father, John, standing behind her until he touched her gently on her shoulder.

"What are you doing, Luna?" The voice was unmistakable. She knew who it belonged to. She snatched a nearby pillow and covered her naked nether region.

"Uh, um--"

"You went through my stuff?"

"John," Luna began, not knowing what to say and stopping. The sounds of the pornography still playing, loud moans of pleasure, pierced the still air between them. "I... please--"

Seducing Uncle Kevin

Crissy, as Uncle Kevin likes to call her, has a plan to seduce him. She turns up at his house after breakfast, and sits him down for a serious heart to heart, and things take a sizzling turn from there. But she has one last surprise for him, one that has lifelong implications...

This passionate 5100 word story contains hot sex with Uncle Kevin, & Crissy's first encounter with a really thick tool!


"Have you ever thought about me... sexually?" I asked, biting my lip.

"What?" he said, recoiling a little. "No, of course not! That would be wrong." He tore his eyes away from mine and planted them at some point on the floor. They seemed to move with his thoughts. I knew that his mind must be whirring. I placed my hand gently on his and looked at him. He wouldn't meet my eyes, but he didn't move his hand either. I could feel it trembling slightly beneath mine, and I squeezed it, comforting him, letting him know that it was okay.

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Published July 28, 2012 48 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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