Untamed by Fannie Tucker
A Desert Island Erotic Romance (Alpha Male Submissive Woman Erotica)

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When career woman Kim wakes up on a deserted stretch of beach, she remembers little of the mysterious rescuer who pulled her from the sea. She follows his footprints along the shore and discovers that she's stranded on a desert island.

Stripped of the power and security she once took for granted, Kim finds herself at the mercy of a castaway named Pete, a ruggedly handsome man with a past shrouded in secrets. Pete promises to help her escape the island, but not until he's taught Kim a thing or two.

Soon, a monstrous typhoon threatens the island, and Kim is forced to make a choice. Will she return to her lucrative career and all its trappings, or has she been seduced by life in the wild?

Warning: Explicit adult content. This story contains three steamy sex scenes in a whirlwind romance that quickly escalates to a typhoon! 14000 words.


The water enveloped her up to the waist, cool and comfortable. Kim dipped down until her head disappeared below the surface. The salt of the ocean seemed to vanish, and she emerged feeling clean. Thirsty, she waded to the waterfall and let it pour over her head. Eyes closed, she tilted her head back and let the water rush into her mouth, cold and pure and delicious. She gulped greedily as it streamed over her lips and roll down her fair skin into the low neckline of her dress. It felt so good, so relaxing, and for the moment, Kim didn't want to go back to Los Angeles. She didn't care about Eastern Capital or her career. All she wanted was fresh clean water beneath a jungle canopy.

"Tell me what you feel," Pete said. His voice was close, and she knew he was in the water with her, close enough to be heard over the waterfall.

"Cold and hungry," she said.

"No," he said. "That's your mind getting in the way. Tell me what your body feels."

"What do you mean?" she asked, speaking loudly to be heard over the rushing water that cascaded over her head.

"Don't think about what you want or need. Just listen to what your body is telling you, and describe it."

Kim tried to shut out her racing thoughts. Since she'd awoken, she had been worrying about what would happen to her. Now she simply concentrated on sensation. "The water rushing over my forehead is cold," she said. "It makes my skin feel tight and firm, and I'm covered in goose bumps."

In her mind, Kim followed the course of that water as it flowed down her neck and chest. She gasped. "My nipples are hard from the cold, but the water rolling past them feels good." Her breath caught in her throat, and she blushed. "It's making me kind of horny!"

"Now tell me again. How do you feel?" he said. His voice held an eager edge.

Kim remembered her earlier answer. Cold and hungry? No... "I feel alive!" she cried, laughing.

She remembered the twinkle in Pete's eye before, the look of a man with a secret. She was starting to suspect she knew what that secret was. When he put his hands around her waist, Kim wasn't surprised at all.

"I've done something for you," he said softly. "Now it's your turn."

Kim stepped out from beneath the waterfall and opened her eyes. Pete stood waist deep in front of her. He'd taken a dip himself, and his long wavy hair lay slicked back against his skull. She could see that beneath his unkempt hair, he was a very handsome man. She raised her face to his, and Pete kissed her with the same half-remembered tenderness of the night before. Beneath the beard, his lips were soft and gentle, and his tongue probed softly into her mouth. She met it with her own, and his hunger fed her own desire.

Pete stepped closer, and Kim realized he had discarded his khaki shorts. He was naked beneath the water.

Kim wrapped her arms around him and felt the hard, lean muscle of his shoulders, then raked her fingers down along his slim back, and further still, over the hard curve of his naked buttocks.

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Published October 31, 2012 38 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure. Fiction

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