Used by the Beast by Cerys du Lys
(Part 4) (Monster Sex Fairytale Erotica)

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(A Cerys du Lys monster sex fairytale erotica novelette)

("Used by the Beast" is a loosely based erotic re-imagining of the classic "Beauty and the Beast")

Horror lurks in every corner, and here is no exception.

As night falls upon the hidden mansion in the woods, Danya realizes her folly in coming here. Everett, the man cursed by a witch, with heightened senses like a beast and fur covering the entirety of his otherwise human body, has used her. To what purpose, though? Is she really just a willing body to him, some person to release his passion into and then leave laying on his dining hall floor to nap before repeating the same all over again?

She wants more, desires it, but has a century of witch-cursed isolation destroyed Everett's sense of self? Is there more to him, or is he just a monster devoted to self-satisfaction?

Alena hides in the guest house on the mansion's grounds. She, too, wants Everett, but her desire knows no limits. How can she make him hers, convince him to forsake Danya in favor of someone better? Why won't he stay with her? Why does he keep leaving?

If her supple, willing body can't make him stay, what else can she offer? There must be something, and she's determined to find it. Will her stubborn nature threaten to push her down a dark path, though?


Every time Everett ruts with one of the women, the witch's curse diminishes. His senses return and his servants revive, shattering their soul-prisons within the everyday objects inside his mansion.

Will the witch who cursed him sit quietly while he destroys her curse, though? And can Everett regain his humanity enough to realize what's going on before it's too late? What will he choose, what will he do?


"The idea is," Taya said, "that if people move too much, I can't get good measurements. Sometimes you just tell a person to stop moving, but it doesn't always work. Beatrix listened to my argument and offered a solution. If someone moves too much, I threaten to turn them into a mannequin. And if they keep moving, I do it."

Danya forced her gaze lower. Yes, it was true. Her body felt wooden and her limbs looked like they belonged on a ball-jointed doll. She could blink though, and a quick test proved she could open her mouth, too.

"You can't do this," Danya said. "I'll scream."

"Who are you going to scream to? Who knows where Everett is. Horatio's doing errands, too. Oh, I'm sure he'll come back, but why shouldn't I just gag you and be done with it?"

Danya didn't know. She didn't understand this. What had she ever done to this person. What had she...

"I'm only playing with you," Taya said, laughing. She wandered in front of Danya and caressed a hand along the girl's new doll-like body. Danya felt it, through magic or whatnot, but she couldn't move to do anything about it. "I'm not going to hurt you. I really won't. Do you think I went too far? It's hard, you know? Trapped for one hundred years without companionship. I wasn't ever very companionable in the first place, but..."

"Please, will you let me go?" Danya asked.

"Horatio told me about what happened in the kitchen," Taya said.

Danya paused, nervous, "What of it?"

Taya waved her hand in the air and conjured forth a dress dummy. The inanimate object swaggered forward, almost as if it knew what she wanted and found great joy in the prospects. Taya held the measuring tape in front of it, near where its crotch would be if it had one, and measured a few inches, then more.

"Eight?" she said, looking to Danya.

Danya watched as the dress dummy grew a wooden extension to match Taya's measurement: eight inches. She gulped and ogled it.

Warning! This carnal ~11,200 word adult erotic fairytale novelette contains scenes featuring heavy bondage, magical sex toys, rough sex, orgasm denial, lusty aphrodisiacs, reluctance, a monster and maidens, humiliation and embarrassment, and tones of erotic horror.

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Published January 24, 2013 41 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Horror. Fiction

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