Violated by the Alien's Tentacles by Arianna Moon
(Sci-fi Breeding Erotica)

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When a horrific tentacle creature assaults and subjugates the crew of a deep space research vessel, a rookie space marine must escape the ship before this alien abomination overwhelms her too. Will she succeed... or will she succumb to her innermost desires and become a host for the alien's brood?

WARNING: This dark and twisted short story contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, extraterrestrial impregnation and forced copulation.

EXCERPT: I nodded, moaned, delirious with lust. The alien’s touch, its very presence, was an aphrodisiac, and in my current state I was concerned with one thing and only one thing—I wanted, needed, to be fucked, fast and hard and good by this hideous creature.

The alien made another noise, another scornful laugh. Two more tentacles appeared right then and slipped my suit the rest of the way down my body. It hung at my feet for a second or two before falling to the floor.

“Fuck… fuck my pussy,” I moaned, but the alien needed no instruction from me. One tentacle had already slid over my willing slit. It burrowed its way inside me moments later, so hard and so long and so smooth. Another soon joined it, both tentacles sliding in and out, in and out, in a rhythm that started off slow and steady but gradually got faster and faster and more and more intense. They were filling me like two enormous cocks, feeding and stoking my rapidly growing lust. I was so incredibly wet, in the throes of such unbelievable ecstasy, that my juices were spilling down my thighs. This must have been gratifying for the alien, too, for it was letting out a low groan of unmistakable pleasure.


Another two tentacles curled around my waist and began caressing my buttocks, and then that tight little hole in the center of them. Yet another tentacle, which had been fondling my breasts, disengaged itself and crept up my neck to my mouth. It teased my lips, and I noticed a hot clear secretion—suspiciously like precum—begin to seep out of its tip. The scent drove me wild. It was like nothing I had ever smelled, or tasted. I was licking it, almost reflexively, savoring its strange, ichorous taste.

“Put it in my mouth,” I moaned.

The alien saw to my request promptly, cramming the tentacle into my mouth and halfway down my throat. I gagged, but only briefly. The secretion was acting as a kind of numbing substance, too, suppressing my pharyngeal reflex as the tentacle thrust itself in and out faster and faster, fucking my mouth harder and harder before it slithered all the way down my throat. Panic gripped me for a second as my survival instinct started to surface once more. It was so big, so thick… How was I to breathe? And then I realized that the tentacle, which was now working its way into my belly, was pumping oxygen into my lungs, allowing them to respire as it explored the rest of my insides.

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Published October 10, 2012 by Arianna Moon. 17 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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