Warming Up, no. 1 in the series 'Sex Games by Paris Rivera
The Olympic events you won't see on television'

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WARMING UP reveals naughty girl-girl goings on behind the scenes at the Olympics.

This time she leant forward so that much of her body weight was pushing against Carmella’s raised leg. It felt like an amazing stretch. “And we can hold that for ten seconds”, Milana said. Carmella, still on her back, was staring directly into Milana’s classically beautiful face now as the older woman leant right over her. Was that some kind of unusual energy she detected in Milana’s eyes?

Something in Carmella was growing a little weak, and she felt a strange sense of awe and excitement. “You’re so good at this!”, Carmella exclaimed. “You seem to know exactly what I… need.” Her voice tapered off into a whisper as she uttered that last word ‘need’.

At this point, the energy in Milana’s eyes seemed to intensify. Was there even a trace of hunger there?

“You seem to know,” Carmella continued, her voice lower and a little shaky now, “exactly what I want.”

Milana straightened her own torso and stretched up to the ceiling, so that her breasts pushed out proudly from her white sports bra. She was still holding Carmella’s right leg in a vertical position, and now gently rubbing the soul of Carmella’s foot. It felt nice, and Carmella had never seen Milana look more sexy than at this moment.

“And what…”, Milana spoke slowly and apparently slightly disconnected from her own words. “…what is it that you want, Carmella?”

Carmella was flustered now, “Oh, I’m not sure, probably just a really good stretch! It feels nice when you rub my foot like that!”

“It does? Well, let me rub a little harder. How is that?”

“Mmmm,” Carmella purred a little. “It’s so relaxing!”

She felt a warm fuzzy feeling in her stomach, and she glanced again at Milana’s breasts in that white sports bra. Immediately, she worried that Milana would notice and tell her off for staring. She looked away.

But Carmella’s eyes were drawn back to those breasts, this time for a little longer… Why was she so drawn to Milana? She wasn’t normally like this!

Then Milana spoke a little sternly: “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing!” Carmella suddenly felt embarrassed and a little afraid. She stared up at the ceiling.

“It’s OK,” said Milana kindly. “A lot of men and women stare at my breasts. I’m kind of used to it!”

“Yes, but I wasn’t…”

“You can be honest with me, Carmella! You don’t have to worry!”, Milana interrupted. “Really, it’s totally OK that you were ogling my breasts!” She laughed, and Carmella almost managed to join in.

“Other leg now!”, Milana demanded, and Carmella lowered her right leg and raised the left. Milana began to massage this foot too.

Carmella put her hands behind her own head, and then ran her hands through her long dark curly hair. “Do you….”, Carmella she hesitantly. “… do you also like my body as well?”

“It’s OK,” Milana replied, disappointingly.

“Just OK?”

“I’m kidding! Your are hot! Of course I like your body! Who wouldn’t?”

Milana laughed again, and this time Carmella joined in properly.

“So what do…”, Carmella asked further, “… well, what do you like about it?”

“You wouldn’t be fishing for compliments by any chance?”, Milana asked, smiling.

Carmella gave a nervous little smile: “Don’t make me beg!”

“Well, let me think…”, Milana paused again, as if enjoying the delay. “For a start…
I love your legs. You have great legs, you know!”

Carmella, who was only around 5 foot 5, felt so happy: “I do?”

“You know

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Published January 10, 2014 by Amaldio Books. 50 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction, Gay & Lesbian. Fiction

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