Yielding to the Giant Slug by Mandoline Creme
(Reluctant Tentacle Erotica) (Monster Hunter Conquest)

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Once more our young, nubile, and determined Monster Hunter has found herself deep in over her head.

This time, literally.

Tangling with a slug should be easy, but things get out of control, and slippery tentacles are quick to dig where they don't belong.

Siena is at it again in this sexy 4k erotic story with all the makings of a fantasy adventure, and a dose of reluctant monster tentacle sex.

This book is part of the Monster Hunter Conquest series, a
collection of stand alone stories all focused around the adventures of
one young woman. Each tale is a sexy, explicit ride following the
blonde, brave, and often ill-fated Siena Rovan as she hunts fantastical
beasts across the land. Against all odds, she seeks out the fiercest of
monsters with the intent to take them down. More often than not, the
creatures take Siena instead; literally, and roughly. Every book in the
series can be read without having indulged in any of the others, though
chances are if you liked one, you'll love the rest!



The sudden, tingling sensation that crawled over her form did nothing to assuage this fear.

Wide eyed, emerald pools gaped down into the translucent skin, which she was firmly entrenched once more, like it had chosen to harden around her again. Stuck in place, her hands at her sides, her legs braced wide, she witness the slow but steady destruction of her clothing.

The first to go was the already partially hole covered tunic, the fabric evaporating into invisible particles as she gawked. With it went the tight chest gear she had worn to keep her breasts in place, as they were large enough that it could be distracting in a fight. In the odd texture of the slug, her pink nipples looked beige, like she was sitting in a cup of tea.

Next came her trousers, as well as her belt, which she lamented over the most; It had cost her a pretty penny.

Left in only her thick thigh high boots and a pair of thin ebony panties, she frowned deep as a gorge and groaned when they disappeared.

There, stuck in something sticky as honey, the Hunter was stark naked and exposed.

The only thing left to protect her dignity was a soft curl of golden hair over her venus mons.
That, too, soon began to melt away, causing her to shout. "Oh, come on!"

It was strange, the tingling crawl that arched up her toes and over her nethers. It was then that she knew what the monster had done; All of her body hair was gone. A flicker of panic made her wonder if the blonde strands on her head might have been in danger, but that was pressed aside as she began to debate if she'd make it out of this encounter at all.

The slug hunched around, curled over its center to face her once more. Her fine brows furrowed, but she had no where to go as it drew close to her expression of terror. The little tendrils on the sides of its head rubbed over her cheeks, making her shiver.

However, something worse was to come.

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Published November 6, 2012 15 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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