Yielding to the Mind Leech by Mandoline Creme
(Mind Control Monster Sex) (Monster Hunter Conquest)

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Siena Rovan, the world's worst monster hunter. Each encounter with mystical creatures seems to leave her with not trophies, but sexual memories.

Finally, the Guild has had enough, and this time they've sent along a capable hunter to make sure the mission is completed. Though they can't stand each other, the girls plan to conquer their current targets, the dangerous mind leeches, together. It would seem that with two hunters, nothing could go wrong.

However, luck is never with Siena, and the pair find themselves at the mercy of mind controlling monsters who have dark plans for the young women.

8k words of reluctant monster sex, breeding, mind control and forced lesbian fun!

This book is part of the Monster Hunter Conquest series, a
collection of stand alone stories all focused around the adventures of
one young woman. Each tale is a sexy, explicit ride following the
blonde, brave, and often ill-fated Siena Rovan as she hunts fantastical
beasts across the land. Against all odds, she seeks out the fiercest of
monsters with the intent to take them down. More often than not, the
creatures take Siena instead; literally, and roughly. Every book in the
series can be read without having indulged in any of the others, though
chances are if you liked one, you'll love the rest!



She was about to ask why, to try and understand any of this, when she instead found herself gawking at the sudden bare chest of the red head. The woman was fit, lean, her ivory skin tight with slight muscle. Despite this, her breasts were still ample, round with rouge nipples that stood firm in the light.

'Wait,' she thought suddenly, 'I'm not even into girls!'

The words in response were cool, low, but crisp as autumn in the depths of her brain.
'Then, let us change that.'

The shift was instant, and the young hunter felt her very beliefs, her core being and desires, shifting around like a puzzle box. When the pieces came into place, her eyes were still fixed on her companion, but they were filled with a burning lust that seemed to seep out of the blue. It was concerning, but none the less, arousing.

Swallowing uncomfortably, she yanked her eyes away from Brin, her face flushed as a beet. The sensation was so foreign, the warmth crawling into her lower belly. She could have said, before, that the woman was attractive. But now, her mind was clicking in that she was also beautiful, desirable; Sexy.

When Brin reached down, catching the hem of Siena's leather tunic, she touched her forearms to stop her; She could feel her own hands shaking. "W-wait, Brin, you can't..."

"I don't want to, but I assure you, I can't stop this." Her voice was low, warm, like melting honey. The heat in her azure orbs made Siena question whether or not she truly didn't want this, and the idea that she could even question such a thing convinced her, truly, of the power of these creatures.

Firmly, the red head yanked the shirt up, pushing away Siena's trembling limbs.

'Why do I feel so weak, why can't I fight her off?'

'Because,' came the familiar voice, 'you want this. You crave this.'

'I don't!'

Naked from the waist down, when Brin traced a finger tip across Siena's skin, between the valley of her firm breasts, she elicited a moan. The touch sent a spark straight into her brain, a coil that rolled languidly back down in a wash of hungry heat.

Was she wrong, did she want this, like the leech said?

'Admit it, I'm right. You're made for this, I only need to look through your mind and see.'

Siena gasped, her companion had leaned down, and their bodies were pressing together.

"Brin, please, stop... fight.."

"Can you fight it?" Brin mumbled into her ear, and it was an odd sensation, to feel the girl's soft tongue licking along the pulsing tendrils of the leech.

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Published November 28, 2012 27 pages
Genres: Erotica, Literature & Fiction. Fiction

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