Santa Claus and Little Sister by Dr. Brian G Snow

The Journey: Lupe, a petit beautiful Mexican 12-year-old girl, identified only by the alias assigned to her by the FBI, is suddenly missing from the Los Angeles placement center, leaving only her most cherished possession behind, a self-made book of poems, photography and artwork entitled “To Santa Claus and Little Sisters”. Lupe’s confidential file reveals that has she been struggling with suicidal thoughts and attempts for years. Little Lupe also has a contract on her life placed by her own incarcerated parents. Her brother is an active gang member with the notorious Mexican Espinoza cartel from Tijuana that specialize in child trafficking and ransom kidnappings. Refusing to accept the hypothesis that Lupe ran away on her own free will, risks would have to be taken by a young naive Boston-born teacher - including the recruitment of his most dangerous student, Chata. Seventeen-year-old Chata, a bold and controlling overweight active member of the Baby Locas Division of the 18th Street Gang in South LA, struggles between two opposing worlds and purposely brings both together in the back alleys of Los Angeles one moonless night. Both would have to question their belief system many times in order to survive when circumstances were not in their favor.


About Dr. Brian G Snow

Dr. Brian G Snow was born in Massachusetts, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Boston College and received a Doctorate from Georgetown University. Dr. Snow has worked with a wide range of special education students, including gifted students under The National Science Foundation program at Brandeis University. Dr. Snow taught special education at various school districts in California in the counties of Los Angeles, San Diego, Contra Costa and Sacramento for over ten years. During this time he educated autistic, mentally and physically challenged, at-risk, abused, gang, and seriously-emotionally disturbed children. Dr. Snow has won many awards, including special recognition from Boston's Department of Health and Hospitals for his dedicated service to the children of Boston. Dr. Snow was also on staff at Massachusetts General Hospital while residing in Chestnut Hill. Dr. Snow lives in San Diego, California. Please visit: for more information. Dr. Brian Snow wrote this novel "Santa Claus and Little Sister" in his late 20's. It was inspired by the poem "To Santa Claus and Little Sisters" by Anonymous. Music CD Compilation, Internet TV Series, BlogTalkRadio Show, Videos, Song and Screenplay by Dr. Brian G Snow and Drenchy Downpour Productions LLC. ________ "To all the young girls that I have had the honor to work with, who like Anonymous, unfortunately committed suicide - I want you to know that you are dearly loved and missed.

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